Obtaining Permission to Erect Buildings & Parapet Walls on Either Sides of a National Road.
If the building is outside the following stated distance from the centre line of any National Road (Class A and Class B ), permission will not be required. If the building is within the stated distance, permission is required to be taken
  • ‘A’ Class and ‘B’ Class roads – 15m from the road centre line
Places where applications could be obtained :
Relevant Executive Engineer’s office
The time, applications should be forwarded :
Weekdays from 8.30 a.m. – 4.15 p.m. in office hours
Duration of the provide services ( Normal services & Priority services ) :
Within three weeks under normal circumstances, however this can be expressed for urgent requests.
Documents required in proof :
Description for proposed building – boundary wall & land (Survey plan)

Exceptions and Special Details :

  • Permission will not be given to construct any structure other than a boundary wall within 10m from the centre line of any National Road within a town limit and 7.5m from the centre line of any National Road outside a town limit.
  • It may give consent to construct a building within 15m from the centre line of National Road and outside the limits specified in (i), provided compensation will not be given in case of widening the road. But this is allowed only if they cannot construct the building satisfying the building limit because of an unavoidable reason.