Rehabilitation | Development of High Mobility Road Network

Highway Development Plan

The RDA has planned the future development of the National Highway Network by rehabilitation of the existing National Highways and adding alternate highways to supplement the existing Trunk Road System, so that the capacity of the road network could cater to the future traffic demand. Further, it aims at facilitating greater mobility, shorter travel time and provides easy accessibility with improved safety to the people.

The Highway Development Plan mainly consists of two components.

  • Rehabilitation of the existing network
  • Development of a High Mobility Network

Most of the roads in the country especially the national Highway network has been built long time back and it has passed the useful life of these roads. Most of the roads need complete rehabilitation. In addition to that considerable lengths of roads need realignment to meet the present day vehicle speed requirement. As it has been identified as the appropriate strategy in low level of funding the major investment of Highways during the last 15 years had been on the rehabilitation of the existing road system, in spite of this substantial increase in traffic demand. Road development Authority has undertaken several major road rehabilitation programmes with the foreign donor assistance.

The selection of projects for this rehabilitation has been based preliminary on the following.

  • Traffic Level
  • Road Condition
  • Connectivity

With the selection of road section based on above parameters a economic feasibility study will be carried out for the final selection of project to suit the availability of fund and to decided on the road capacity requirements.


Development of High Mobility Road Network

Even though need for maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network in the context of low level of funding for highways sub-sector, has been identified as the appropriate strategy/policy for the immediate/short to medium term in road investment budgeting, the long term, increasing the capacity of the road network, expanding and developing it in a feasible manner, will be necessary.

It has been realised that rehabilitation of existing trunk route system to cope up with future traffic needs at a meaning full level of service is a daunting task mainly due to the inherent deficiencies in their alignment and widths that cannot be rectified without resorting to large scale acquisition and demolition of buildings and re-locating service utilities involving greater social and economic repercussions.

Following activities have been identified by RDA for the increase of capacity of the Road Network.

  1. Planning of expressways/motor ways / high standard new major highways as alternative or to supplement the trunk roads to cater to future needs as long term solutions.
  2. Construction of a system of ring roads/major bye passes to the city, major towns ad important urban centres.
  3. Major improvements including realignment and deviations to existing trunk roads