Obtaining Permission to Damage the Road with the View to get the Water Connection to a House.
Make a request to National Water Supply & Drainage Board and submit the estimate received from National Water Supply & Drainage Board. This document is very important because it contains the place where the road is going to be damaged and the length and width of the damage.
Places where applications could be obtained :
Executive Engineer’s office/ Chief Engineer’s office (RDA) relevant to the area concern
The time, applications should be forwarded :

Weekdays from 8.30 a.m. - 4.15 p.m. in office hours

Charge for the services:
The estimated cost for reconstruction for the damage made to the road will be assessed and informed. The amount to be paid depends on how much damage has to be made to the road.

Duration of the provide services :

Within one week


Documents required in proof and the process :

  1. The letter of request, addressed to the Road Development Authority together with the note received by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.
    • Damages that can be happened will be estimated by the Road Development Authority.
    • Permission will be given after paying the reconstruction cost to the Road Development Authority by the house owner.